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For more information call This festival is celebrated each second Friday and Saturday in the month of September. Spring Park – 1 Spring Park Rd. For more information call or visit www. Included in this ride are American Indian pow-wows and various activities such as drumming and dancing, vendors in Waterloo and many stops all along the Trail of Tears. This is held each year on the 3rd Saturday in September and offers free live entertainment. For more information call or visit al-tn-trailoftears. For more information call Trees of Christmas, Tennessee Valley Museum of Art November December 24, Community groups and local individuals fashion a holiday extravaganza by decorating foot live trees using unconventional techniques and surprising materials to tell their creative stories in these annual holiday presentation. Costumed characters will stroll the streets all day on Saturday, December 8, when most of the activity will take place. The evening will include entertainment by characters from A Christmas Carol, directed by Darren Butler.

Muscle Shoals (Alabama)

Etymology[ edit ] There are several explanations on how the city got its name. One is that the city gets its name from a former natural feature of the Tennessee River , namely Muscle Shoals, a shallow zone where mussels were gathered. Muscle Shoals was a part of the Cherokee hunting grounds dating to at least the early eighteenth century, if not earlier. After the American Revolution , Cherokee attitudes toward the new U.

Muscle Shoals Police Chief Robert Evans says he is limited in information that he can release at this point into the investigation of a man that died in the Muscle Shoals city jail. year-old Jason William Dickerson, of Rogersville, was arrested April 17 in Muscle Shoals on charges of public.

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Tuscumbia was an early center for agriculture, commerce and industry that included the first railroad west of the Allegheny Mountains. The future of Tuscumbia is bright. An ample labor supply and ideal location, coupled with a progressive local government and community support, attract those who seek a desirable place to live, work and prosper.

Recreational amenities, cultural opportunities, and a progressive economic base make Tuscumbia one of the most attractive areas in the southeast.

Sep 23,  · 78 FR – Muscle Shoals Reservation Redevelopment, Colbert County, Alabama. Federal Register , , , , protect the integrated.

The band consists of four members including: Through the years and after involvement with several groups, the present band was born as a result of the participation of Tony Robertson, Vance Henry and Ricky Rogers in the Jake Landers Band. In January , Anthony was asked to fill an opening for a banjo player and the present Iron Horse configuration evolved. Iron Horse creates much of its own music, with an innate ability for cross-genre arrangements. Iron Horse has three self-produced albums, containing previously un-released compositions, and Iron Horse-composed originals.

Bio, Long Version Anyone listening to the innovative, hard-driving instrumental licks and strong, precise harmonies of this Bluegrass Band will want to strap in to their seat and prepare to be thrilled with the ride.

Album reviews: The Waterboys | Sparks | Tori Amos

Entertainment Cyrus Yavneh Dies: Emmy-nominated producer Cyrus Yavneh has passed away following a hard-fought battle with cancer. Supernatural alum Jim Beaver was among the first to break the news via social media via an emotional post honoring his friend and former colleague.

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Thomas recorded over a dozen tracks while backed by seasoned in-house rhythm and horn sections, plus Spooner Oldham on keyboards. Of the tracks she recorded, Chess released only three 45s. The first was a fine, Oliver Sain Jr. That none of Irma’s Muscle Shoals releases connected with the public is puzzling lack of marketing was only part of the problem. Even worse, most of her work for the label went unissued for over 20 years.

The combination of her mature, soul-saturated delivery, coupled with a raw vocal grittiness, and the tight, could-only-happen-in-Mussle Shoals perfection of the band made for some of Irma Thomas’ most satisfying performances. As she stated, even though the band may not have been from New Orleans, it delivered its own elegant, yet understated, funk and soul bravado to the songs, allowing Irma to connect with the material in a way most singers can only dream about. This is a must if you’re an Irma Thomas fan, with 14 tracks that include several Chess singles and nine songs recorded for that album which was never released.

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Etymology[ edit ] There are several explanations on how the city got its name. One is that the city gets its name from a former natural feature of the Tennessee River , namely Muscle Shoals, a shallow zone where mussels were gathered. Muscle Shoals was a part of the Cherokee hunting grounds dating to at least the early eighteenth century, if not earlier.

After the American Revolution , Cherokee attitudes toward the new U. An anti-American faction, dubbed the Chickamauga , separated from more conciliatory Cherokees, and moved into present-day south-central and southeastern Tennessee , most of them settling along the Chickamauga River. They claimed Muscle Shoals as part of their domain, and when Anglo-Americans attempted to settle the region in the s and s, the Chickamaugas bitterly resisted them.

Linda Ronstadt recording at Muscle Shoals in Alabama, c. I watched the doc music shoals on Netflix. Check it out. 70’s Linda is a doll. Search for: Categories. Categories Popular Categories. 2k 60s fashion 70s 70s fashion 80s 80srock black and white .

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The brand-new interactive science museum welcomes people to see, touch, and handle authenticated pirate treasure, discovered in off the coast of Wellfleet. In , it was captured by the pirate Samuel Bellamy and used over the next year to board 53 vessels, collecting their riches and treasures. During a storm off the coast of Wellfleet the Whydah ship sunk in The Whydah Pirate Museum provides an interactive and fun learning experience for children and adults.

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Shoals was thus taken for Johnson City, Tennessee, by manager Ollie Vanek, who had been pleased with “Muscle’s” work under him at Monessen. At Johnson City in , Shoals won the first of his seven home run crowns, along with his first batting championship.

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Over the past century, the organization has grown from 35 national parks to more than sites under the protection of the NPS today. From national seashores, monuments, heritage and historic sites, trails and military parks, the variety is as vast as the history they contain. Alabama NewsCenter is spending the rest of this centennial year highlighting each Alabama site.

Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress In , the Muscle Shoals community held two meetings to discuss the wealth of natural and cultural resources in the area, and how they could be leveraged to improve the quality of life for area residents. Following the meetings and a year of research and inquiry, U.

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Yet he’s not the only one. Click through for 25 of the most original and influential musicians who ever picked up a guitar. He backed Little Richard, Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke before forming the Jimi Hendrix Experience, which grabbed national attention when its frontman set his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop Festival, The groundbreaking lefty who played a right-handed Fender Stratocaster upside down died of an overdose in at age Rolling Stone called him the greatest guitarist of all time.

Duane Allman Killed in a motorcycle accident in when he was just 24, the co-founder of the Allman Brothers Band had already laid down more great guitar licks than others do in a long lifetime. You haven’t lived if you’ve missed driving down the highway late at night listening to Allman simply taking over Scaggs’ minute second recording of “Loan Me a Dime. His signature song “Layla,” an ode to George Harrison’s and later Clapton’s wife Pattie Boyd, charted in two different versions.

Boyd said of Clapton, “He’s able to put his emotions into music in such a way that the audience can feel it instinctively. It goes right through you. Legend has it that Johnson’s guitar mastery was the result of a meeting with the Devil himself. With a guitar tuned by Satan, Johnson’s fingers caught fire; in return, the ill-fated bluesman offered up his soul. Or so the story goes. Keith Richards Keith Richards would stand tall among guitarists even if the opening three-note riff of ” I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” had been his only contribution to the rock and roll canon.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

One is that the city gets its name from a former natural feature of the Tennessee River , namely a shallow zone where mussels were gathered. When the area was first settled, the distinct spelling “mussel” to refer to a shellfish had not yet been fully adopted. Another is that the name comes from the bend of the Tennessee River around the area, the shape of which looks like someone flexing an arm muscle. History The city is one of four municipalities known as the Quad Cities, the others being Florence , Sheffield and Tuscumbia , all in Alabama.

Muscle Shoals Horns – Discography USA: 12 Records: Latest Updates: Gallery: Choose Country Canada (2) Germany (1) Netherlands (1) UK (3) USA (12) USA

Sandbars, also known as a trough bars, form where the waves are breaking, because the breaking waves set up a shoreward current with a compensating counter-current along the bottom. Sometimes this occurs seaward of a trough marine landform. Sand carried by the offshore moving bottom current is deposited where the current reaches the wave break. Harbour and river bars[ edit ] The Doom Bar sand bank extends across the River Camel estuary in Cornwall , England, UK A harbor or river bar is a sedimentary deposit formed at a harbor entrance or river mouth by: It can be a seasonally natural process of aquatic ecology , causing the formation of estuaries and wetlands in the lower course of the river.

This situation will persist until the bar is eroded by the sea, or the dammed river develops sufficient head to break through the bar. The formation of harbor bars can prevent access for boats and shipping, can be the result of: Nautical navigation[ edit ] In a nautical sense, a bar is a shoal, similar to a reef: It therefore applies to a silt accumulation that shallows the entrance to or course of a river , or creek.

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