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Known as “bad check diversion programs” or “bad check restitution programs,” these programs provide an offender the opportunity to pay full restitution to the payee, and attend an intervention program at their own expense in exchange for a dismissal of the criminal charges. If you do not fully reimburse the payee or successfully complete the intervention program, the prosecutor will likely reinstate the criminal proceedings. Penalties under California Civil Code Section In addition to the above penalties, you may be required to pay civil damages as well. If you do not make these payments Related Offenses There are several crimes that are closely related to Penal Code a PC California’s bad checks law because prosecutors commonly charge them in connection with or in lieu of a PC a charge. The following are two of the most common. So if, for example, you create a fake check that is linked to an account that has insufficient funds to clear the check, prosecutors could charge you with both offenses. This law prohibits having the intent to defraud when you sign the name of another person without that person’s consent or signing the name of a fictitious person on certain types of documents, counterfeit or forge the seal or handwriting of another person, or alter, corrupt or falsify a will, deed or court judgment. Forgery is a wobbler, subjecting you to the penalties noted above in Section 4.

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There is nothing illegal, inappropriate, unlawful, unethical, unprofessional, or unconscionable about a creditor asking a customer to issue a post dated check, nor is there any reason a customer cannot issue one or a series of post dated checks to clear a past due balance. There are several advantages to taking postdated checks in settlement of an account balance including these: The fact that you are holding a check that will be presented to the bank for payment on a specific date places a burden on the debtor to have funds on deposit when the check is presented.

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When you write a personal check, you’re supposed to write the date in a designated spot in the top right hand corner of the check. Bank tellers are supposed to look at the date before allowing you to cash or deposit a check. Laws exist relating to the dating of checks, but if a check is undated, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t cash it.

According to the code, a personal check becomes “stale dated” six months after you write it. Banks don’t have to dishonor stale dated checks, but the Uniform Commercial Code gives a bank the option of refusing these checks. Some people write “post dated” checks, meaning that rather than the current date, they write a future date on the check, often because they hope you will not cash it before then.

Legally, banks can honor post dated checks at any time regardless of the date on the item. In fact, in some states, a check payee can claim damages if a bank refuses to pay a post dated check.

Is it illegal to post-date a check?

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Issuance of postdated checks. — It is the duty of the person drawing a postdated check to notify, in writing, the separate office or branch of the institution upon which such check is drawn, giving a complete description thereof, including the name of the payee, the date, the number, and the amount thereof; otherwise, the institution is not liable for paying such check.

The division also enforces Missouri’s bad check laws and collects restitution for victims of bad checks. Passing Bad Checks A person commits the crime of passing a bad check when: With a purpose to defraud, he makes, issues, or passes a check knowing that it will not be paid by the drawee or that there is no such drawee. If the issuer has an account with the drawee, failure to pay the check or order within ten days after notice in writing that it has not been honored because of insufficient funds or credit with the drawee is prima facie evidence of his purpose to defraud and of his knowledge that the check or order would not be paid.

He makes, issues, or passes a check knowing there are insufficient funds in his account or that there is no such account, and fails to pay the check within 10 days after receiving actual notice that the check has been dishonored. Actual notice means notice in writing which is actually received by the defendant or which is tendered to him and he refuses to accept.

Negotiable Instrument Act 1881

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While postdating checks is a move that can also be associated with check fraud (which is of course a crime), there’s nothing illegal about the practice on its own and, while I have no data to back up my assertion, it seems pretty commonplace to me.

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If you or you partner are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit, and qualify for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction or both , we can backdate your award up to 3 months before the date you made your claim as long as you were entitled for that period. If you are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit and you are entitled from a date before you claimed, we will give you your award automatically. If this is your first claim, your award will usually start from the Monday after we get your form.

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Jul 17th, This does not make sense to me because cheques stale-date i. What’s the real story? Can you deposit cheques post-dated before their face-date? Will it be rejected? That is for the benefit of the payer, so that they don’t have to monitor their account for more than 6 months for a bloody cheque to come out should the payee be slow in depositing it.

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Consumers are often unaware of their rights and obligations and so have an unequal bargaining position with a potential landlord. Security Deposits A deposit is usually demanded by the landlord in order to use all or part of the deposit to cover any damages to the property caused by the tenant or to cover rent should a tenant fail to make a rent payment. The legal limit for deposit and the type of deposit allowed will vary from province to province.

A tenant may also be able to get interest on the security deposit when the tenancy ends or is terminated. Check with your local Landlord and Tenant Board to get up to date information on your rights. However, it is illegal for a landlord in Ontario to demand a security deposit, for potential damages to a rental unit.

Due to this, many landlords have tried to use creative ways to come up with charges to get around the rule for security deposits. However, the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act prohibits any other additional charges.

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Europe[ edit ] In most European countries, cheques are now rarely used, even for third party payments. In these countries, it is standard practice for businesses to publish their bank details on invoices, to facilitate the receipt of payments by giro. Even before the introduction of online banking, it has been possible in some countries to make payments to third parties using ATMs , which may accurately and rapidly capture invoice amounts, due dates, and payee bank details via a bar code reader to reduce keying.

In some countries, entering the bank account number results in the bank revealing the name of the payee as an added safeguard against fraud. In using a cheque, the onus is on the payee to initiate the payment, whereas with a giro transfer, the onus is on the payer to effect the payment The writer of a paper cheque is pushing on a rope: By writing the paper cheque, he is handing the far end of the rope to the payee, who will pull in his own good time.

Anti-dating and post-dating: 21C. A promissory note, bill of exchange or cheque is not invalid by reason only that it is anti-dated or post-dated: Provided that anti-dating or post-dating does not involve any illegal or fraudulent purpose or transaction.].

The issuance of a check on an account which is closed or has insufficient funds may constitute a crime for which the maker of the check may be prosecuted. The issuance of a check which is not honored may also give rise to a civil claim for damages. Which way you proceed in your case will depend on the circumstances in your case. Whether the issuance of a bad check is a crime will depend on several factors. You should review these factors carefully against the particular facts in your case before applying for a warrant or a citation.

Dishonor Check – the check must be dishonored by the drawee for one of the reasons set forth in the statute. Knowledge by the maker of the check that it would not be honored.

Rental laws: post-dated cheques and security deposits

Cynthia Myers Say you’re running a little short of cash before payday. Although it may seem like a good idea to post-date a check in hopes of having money in the bank to cover it by the time it’s presented for payment, think again. If you try this ploy you could end up with an overdrawn checking account, an angry payee and a ding to your credit.

I wrote a post dated check to our friendly or used to be friendly neighborhood store, they promised me they would hold it until the date I put on the check, unfortunately .

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Cheque Bouncing Cases – Legal Solutions

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